Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Round-Up

The Sporting News
RPI makes sense of it all in college hoops (mentions UNLV, explains the RPI system and its influence or lack thereof on selection in the tournament)
Dalas Star-Telegram
March Madness: Gazing into the crystal basketball (Says UNLV not good enough to win more than 1 game :( , talks trash on BYU and SDSU too )  -- I declare this author, a douche!
Tre'Von Willis shocked by second team All-Mountain West conference nod
Am I the only one who expected a totally different story than the one in the Sun? I expected Tre'Von to be frustrated that he wasn't first team, yet its the exact opposite -- he's surprised to be named to any of the all-conference teams!
Tre'Von is an enigma, sometimes he's talking trash on Jimmer, calling him 'supposedly the best player in the MWC' and now he is "Mr. Humble" surprised to be recognized for his accolades this season.
I think Marshall was definitely snubbed (yeah, the sky is blue) and Stanback should have been second-team.
I also don't understand the "newcomer" category; to me this needs to be broken into 2 categories - Transfer and Freshman. They have a junior in Drew Gordon being called the newcomer of the year, this is silly -- give that award to a (redshirt) freshman and let transfer status guys compete against each other in a different category.
I declare shenanigans on the whole awards criterion. Why isolate a player's performance into only what they did during the conference schedule? This should be a total regular performance equation, otherwise that important and exciting part of the season is deemed less important, when its half the season!

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