Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awaiting Selection Sunday / The Fourms are LIVE

Below are links to various respected bracket-seeding sources, and our position as of now.

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ESPN - UNLV as a 7 seed, playing Michigan (a 10) in Tulsa
UPDATE (2 hrs to go) - Now has UNLV as a 6 seed playing Illinois (an 11) in Tampa - UNLV as a 7 seed, playing Georgia (a 10) in Tucson (that'd be great for traveling) - UNLV as an 8 seed, playing Old Dominion (a 9) in New Orleans

Fox Sports - UNLV as a 7, playing Butler (a 10) in Charlotte


CBS Sports - UNLV as a 6 seed, playing Michigan State (an 11) in Tampa

Now there's two goodbyes:
1. Utah leaving for Pac-10 (or 12 now)
2. Jim Boylen FIRED Sporting News

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