This website is a celebration of UNLV Men's Basketball. 
It is not about UNLV or any other sports program, only UNLV Men's Basketball.

It exists for the sole purpose of providing an alternative source of news, interviews, entertainment, and insight about the Runnin' Rebels.

It is run primarily by an alumni of UNLV, but this site is not about me or who is running things, so I wish to keep the focus squarely on the team.

There is no financial interest in running this website. I am not here to make money, I am here to enjoy my team and share that enjoyment in a free manner. No membership fees are required, and no membership is required.

I am always open to help and ideas, please speak up and become part of something great. Here's how you can help:
1) Write an article - it's not that hard to write about something you love, if you want to write something and have it published front page - let me know, I'll help you achieve that.
2) Submit ideas - if you want to know more about subjects we haven't covered, or perhaps ones we already have - let me know. Your ideas are just as good as mine, maybe better.
3) Graphic talents - I have modest talents, but some of you are great.  If you want to help spruce things up, let me know.
4) Submit your photos - Any pictures you've taken of the Rebels, I would love to post them here and share them with everyone. 
5) Tell your friends - because we have no financial stake, there is no advertising budget. Please tell your friends that RebelReign exists.

Email me @ RebelReign1@gmail.com