Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thanks for the good times

Friends, I've decided to end writing this fan based blog. The reason is not because my love of the Rebels has been diminished in any way, rather its only grown. The reason primarily is that I just don't have the time it takes to provide the insights that make as good as it needs to be. 

The reason I originally started this website was to provide a positive news source for Runnin' Rebels fans. At the time, the only sources were the Review Journal, and Las Vegas Sun - for newspapers, and then I had problems with all of these sources not being exactly what I wanted to read. So, I decided to start this fan based blog, and saw that many other prominent college programs had lots of blogs, and UNLV had very few. 

Since this blog was created, several things have happened that has improved the amount of information out there for Rebels fans. 1) The LV Sun has gotten a lot better; 2) Ed Graney of the RJ has stopped always crapping all over the team, and now I sometimes agree with what he says (sometimes), 3) RunRebs has become a premier place for Rebels info, 4) Twitter has brought the fans a lot closer to their favorite athletes and programs. Therefore, while I still believe RebelReign does provide a little something extra - that niche has been nicely filled by RunRebs.

The main point is that I've met a lot of great people and will possibly look to restart this website again in the future, time permitting. We're now at the most exciting part of the season (conference schedule) and Rebels fans deserve to have timely news sources - and I am confident that they now sufficiently exist in RebelReign's absence. 

Thanks for everything!


  1. We appreciate the great contributions you've made. Thanks for all your time and sacrifice.

    Many don't know what you do in your professional life, but let me also say that, that too is much appreciated, as you dedicate yourself to making Las Vegas a better place to live for all of our families.

    Best Regards to you and your family.

    Jason Taylor

  2. Thanks for the great work you have done with the site!

    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA