Friday, March 11, 2011

Heartbreak loss to San Diego

Well, try to look on the bright side
- we played the Aztecs as tough as we have all season
- we get an extra day of rest which counts for more given that we don't have to spend 40 minutes with BYU
- we still played great basketball
- nobody got injured
- perhaps we are more hungry due to this loss

Link to post-game interviews (should be game 7)

ESPN Article

Here's how the game went down
   - 1st Half -
- Slow start for UNLV
- 3 ball not falling like previous games
- UNLV intensity very good, scrambling for loose balls, trying to make things happen
- SDSU early-on shooting at 80 pt pace
- Lots of turnovers
- UNLV makes its first run 2/3rds of the way through first half
- UNLV takes lead 5:35 left in half
- Stanback / Willis having great shooting nights again
- UNLV makes a critical error - intentional foul by Hawkins leads to 4 point swing
- Last 90 seconds of half terrible for UNLV, SDSU scores at will
- Aztec lead 10 PTS at half

   -2nd Half-
- Rebels 7-0 run to start half
- Quintrell big for us
- Rebels back within 2 @ 14 minutes in 2nd half
- Both teams making their FTs
- 4 minutes to go 66-66 tie, K. Leonard picks up 4th foul
- We have lead at 2:53 mark
VERY TENSE from 2 minutes onward
- We score, we foul them, they make their shots
- Game tied
- Bellfield throws a pass to Stanback that's a bit too low, picked off
- DJ Gay takes ball up court, at least 3 rebels defend the shot from around FT line, 2pt lead Aztecs

Sequence on last play
5 seconds left, UNLV in-bounds ball, no time-outs left
- not looking like we are moving with any sense of urgency
- Willis / or Stanback takes last shot well defended from several feet behind 3, misses
- Buzzer sounds, Quintrell Thomas misses layup after buzzer

What should have happened on last play
- Rebels move ball up quickly
- Quintrell Thomas is completely unguarded underneath the hoop, pass him the ball
- Rebels make layup - game tied, overtime

Don't know how the rest of you feel, but I kind of want SDSU to beat BYU.

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  1. You are correct, there should have been a dump off to QT as he was wide open. That's easy fast break points to capitalize on and was shocked when that didn't occur.

    -Reb Fever

  2. What amazes me is that EVERYONE forgets about that play, they just harp on the mis-pass by Bellfield, some newspapers even call it the "last play" -- BS, we had one more chance and didn't properly capitalize. It was as if Q was thinking set play and Willis (or was it Stanback) lost his head not looking for the open man...

  3. It should have been a true Rebels fast break, meaning the ball should have never been dribbled and passed up the court to Q for the quick layup.

    -Reb Fever

  4. Hell yeah, we'll get em next time!