Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off-season format


Off-season format
Rebel Reign will continue to bring you exciting content throughout the off-season, allbeit on a less frequent basis.

It’s approximately 7 months before we can all enjoy more Runnin’ Rebels action, so updates will be on a once weekly basis until the season starts, but sometimes more frequently. New main page posts will likely debut on Sundays, but as always please utilize the fourms as a way to start conversations and keep them going.

I already have a ton of ideas and hope to do some great things this off-season. There will be many fascinating things to read about and discuss, and I definitely want your suggestions on topics and if you want to guest post – just let me know.

Rebel Reign only got started February 20, 2011 and there has been nearly 2000 visits already! That is a testimonial to the local fan base who are hungry for more Rebels coverage.

If you haven’t noticed, little things have changed and improved on this website in its short existence, additions of polling, forums, stats and graphics, domain name, schedule page, and eventually a ticket exchange forum. This website can continue to expand and get bigger and better, and I welcome all suggestions and ideas of that nature as well.

Please send all ideas or comments to rebelreign1@gmail.com  . You'll see this address featured on your right as well. 

Go Runnin' Rebels!

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