Sunday, March 20, 2011

There's blood in the water

and the sharks are circling.........

Two days after the unexpected blowout by Illinois, some of the local media are being hypercritical of UNLV, the players, and Coach Kruger. See these articles:

By Ed Graney

By Ray Brewer

If you haven't noticed, I don't cut and paste any of their articles because they'll sick their money grubbing lawyers on me if I do, at least the RJ will. (Right haven)

The gist of Graney's piece is that UNLV has to make a change, that a lot of this is Coach Kruger’s fault, and we would not have even achieved much in the past if not for the transfer of Kevin Kruger a few years back.
This is a lousy article, and I echo WileyRebel's comments in the Forums, this is a damaging hack job by Ed Graney. Feels like the angry stepdad yelling rather than a rational journalist. These type of articles and comments will go a long way to hurting UNLVs reputation among prospective athletes - well done Graney, you schmuck.

Ray Brewer's article is kinder, but still quite critical. Not one ounce of optimism, might as well have been written in Illinois.

Let's be realistic. The Rebels did not have their best season ever, and frankly they will never repeat the kind of domination Tark's championship team did the year of the championship and the following season (minus the loss to Duke in the final four). But, no other NCAA team will repeat that feat -- there is too much parity among the elite teams at this point, this year the conversation is about Ohio State and Kansas, but it clearly is anyone's game.

Some people are way too fixated on the level of domination UNLV was once able to achieve, rather than where we are now and the incremental steps it takes to get better. We have a very good program, excellent facilities that are only going to get better, and a decent amount of fans in the town who love the Rebels regardless if we go 30-5 or 5-25.

I don't believe the way forward is berating players or the coach. It is the athletic director’s job to hire and fire coaches, not ours. Also, I don't remember people giving Charlie Spoonhour this much crap when he was stringing together mediocre seasons.

Isn't it apparent that the players and coaches are the ones who suffered the embarrassment, the ones who flew out to Tulsa, Oklahoma and were not able to get it done? They are the ones that have to live with failing to complete a task in front of a national audience, and then they come home and get an earful from the local media and so-called fans. I feel for them, but I support them nonetheless. The loss is theirs, not mine - I can do very little to influence the outcome of a game, unlike them. I am proud of our Rebels, I just wish the outcome was different.

Anthony Marshall was very classy in Twitter apologizing, but it was unnecessary, if you gave it your best you need not apologize when you fall short. If you tried your best I support and applaud your efforts. Tre'von, even though you hurt your knee if you tried your best, I support you. 


For us, the season is over. It was entertaining, and intriguing. We only lost 2 seniors and are returning 4 starters, BYU is out of the league and SDSU will be a whole different team next year. Let's now dwell on improving and not tearing down what's been built. 

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