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Dantley Walker Article / New ticket packages available

Dantley Walker Article / Update

Recently, I received an update from 2013 recruit Dantley Walker's dad Greg, that a nice article had been published recently (see below) in the Western News. This is worth sharing, since I assume that's not normally a paper people in Vegas read :) .Something new is that Dantley is now serving his mission in Montana temporarily (at least a few months more) and then may be sent somewhere else. Dantley will be finished with his mission in time to attend summer school in 2013. 

New ticket packages available

Now that season tickets for the 2012-13 season have been available for some time, and the season is ever inching towards jump-ball, mini-plans have been announced for those who either cannot afford season tickets, or don't believe they'd be able to make it to 19 home games. The packages go on sale Sunday, September 23. Here's the breakdown:

According to, these plans represent up to a 43% savings over purchasing these games at the single game face value price. Which plan is better? Savings wise, I'd rather backwards compare them against the full season ticket price - since its not too late to still pull the trigger on the season tix.

Scarlet Mini-Plan - Math -             Savings
Balcony RAF - $152 vs $240 =    37% cheaper than season
Balcony - $128 vs $215 =            41% cheaper than season
End Balcony - $86 vs $125 =       31% cheaper than season

Gray Mini-Plan - Math -                Savings

Balcony RAF - $162 vs $240 =    33% cheaper than season
Balcony - $138 vs $215 =            36% cheaper than season
End Balcony - $91 vs $125 =       27% cheaper than season

Although these tickets represent up to a 43% savings over the single game ticket prices (likely much more after all of the bull crap fees that are tacked on when you buy single game tickets), they aren't nearly as good a deal as would be if you just bought the season. For example, the worst option is the Gray Mini-Plan end balcony, its less than 30% cheaper than just buying the season - we're talking about missing 11 of 19 games, 57% of the home schedule to save 27%. The best deal among these plans, not counting the caliber of games, is the Scarlet Balcony Mini-Plan at 41% cheaper. Still, you pay 41% less for 57% less of the games.

Caliber of games-wise, the Gray mini-plan is the one to buy, if you're planning on buying either. Oregon, Northern Iowa, UNR and San Diego State should all be good games. On the plus side for buying a mini-plan, at least two of those games should be sellouts, so good luck finding single game tickets for less than astronomical prices in the secondary market.

Speaking of single games, here's the latest. Single game tickets will go on sale Sunday, October 21 at 10:00am. The majority of single game tickets available will be in the balcony, so prices aren't even being published right now for lower bowl. Here's the pricing and consideration of what games are premium:

Still need to work out the math (its hard to factor in the single game ticket fees) but it seems as though the mini-plans make sense if you plan on attending at least 4 games, and season tickets make sense if you plan on attending at least 6 games. For those of you who may attend a few with your child, the Rebel Kids Club is still a good and inexpensive option.

Anyhow, if you're serious about season tickets or mini-pans, contact UNLV Tickets asap, and make sure to, if possible, see the view from the seat you're interested in purchasing. There are a few that unfortunately have an obstructed view, so it would be wise to check that out first.

Is anyone else having a hard time waiting to occupy the Mack?

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