Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pre-season poll, Mid-week round-up

We got dissed!

Sports Illustrated has just released their post-championship pre-season poll of their 'top 32' teams in the land.

Guess what, UNLV is absent from the list!
Guess what else, this list features -0- MWC teams.

So much for respect. I'd cancel my subscription, if I didn't pay for it with airline miles I'll never use anyhow. This is Continental's fault.

Lon Kruger interview from "The Sports Animal" a local Oklahoma radio show, April 4th
- a lot of the same talk he used to describe the Rebels, we call this 'insert your team name here' comments
- late in the interview, Kruger says he expects to be able to recruit better players than he did at UNLV because they play in the BIG-12, and the pool of players is better.
- expects to bring most of his coaching staff from UNLV with him, will try to hire one local who is familiar with the Oklahoma recruiting scene
- talk-show guys razz him a bit at the end about losing Finlay Prep players to Texas (Kruger Silent)
Lon Kruger Interview - Audio

Kruger brought assistants Steve Henson and Lew Hill with him from UNLV

Fantastic quotes from Reggie Theus on the UNLV Coaching Job
- "I had no Plan B when I started to coach. Coaching the Runnin' Rebels is the only job I ever wanted."
- "I don't think I've ever kept it a secret that UNLV's always been my dream job," Theus said at the time. "I started coaching with one thing in mind and that was to one day coach at UNLV, my alma mater.
- "I've said before I would sky-dive without a parachute to be there. I'd sleep in the back room in the janitor's office if I had to."

I'd say if you were on the fence between Rice and Theus -- that has to sway you if you have even a drop of Rebel blood in you. I get all fired up just reading it, you guessed it -- I'm on team Theus. No disrespect to Dave Rice, but not a super-exciting guy.

Timberwolves not standing in Theus's way in getting UNLV coaching job
Rambis - Twin Cities.com

Arizona hoping to steal away committment from Nigel Goss-Williams
Tucson Citizen
F**K, also mentions Mike Moser. Insult to injury.

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