Friday, April 1, 2011

Going, going, gone...

What an unusual day for UNLV, its players, and fans. Mr. Dependability turned out do be spur of the moment, go for the money, forget what I said about staying guy.

I personally found out about this right before lunch and lost my appetite (didn't help that I was headed for a buffet). I've been through all of the stages, I had that sickness in the pit of my stomach.

In a bit of drama, KLAS's (Channel 8) sports anchor Chris Maathuis seemed to change the direction of the conversation for a minute, saying that he had phoned Coach Kruger, and that Kruger was staying (this story
was released around 1:15pm). Alas, everything I have now seen appears true. Coach Kruger of UNLV is now Coach Kruger of Oklahoma, and has signed a 7 year deal paying $2,000,000 a year.

It appears many UNLV insiders were shocked by the news, especially after reports that he would not even interview with Oklahoma, let alone take the job. According to a news source, it appeared even some of his assistants were caught off-guard. Reports now are that Kruger has phoned several members of the Runnin' Rebels and is on a plane back from Houston to meet with the team, there will be a team meeting tonight.

For those who wanted to believe that Kruger had a lot of reasons to stay, and that his comments were true - it was false belief. I can't speak to whether having a new athletic director played a part it in, although it is becoming a pattern of changing head coaches of the major programs (so far football, baseball, and now basketball).

There is a lot of great things to like about being the coach of the Runnin' Rebels, new practice facility, still one of the best venues in the west to play basketball, a possible new even-larger stadium, excellent returning players, and an exciting group of recruits coming in on the horizon, such as Nigel Williams-Goss and Dantley Walker. Plus Las Vegas has a lot of bang for your buck with the depressed economy, and UNLV is and always will be a basketball school, and a basketball destination. This is why it is shocking to see the coach, the guy that we put on the phonebooks a few years back heading for boring, losing, NCAA violation ridden, football school Oklahoma.

One thing is for sure, the AD - Jim Livengood; you had better score a Reggie Theus, or Dave Rice -- or BETTER. Remember, when we were searching for a replacement for Spoonhour people besides Kruger who were taking a solid look were George Karl, and Rick Pitino. Producing more 20+ winning seasons is key to keeping the recruits we have, and finding new ones in the future. Certainly a lot to discuss in the coming days and weeks.

Want a little satisfaction? Go to this link, there is at least one Oklahoma writer who isn't super enthused about landing Kruger - NewsOK

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