Friday, April 15, 2011

Back to Sundays format

With the coaching search out of the way, this lively off-season has gotten back to business as usual.

Updates will come on Sundays with a new story every Sunday until we get closer to the season or some news breaks. (Starting April 24th)

We are still working on bringing exciting topics for stories, and hope to have interesting interviews to bring you as well.

Please utilize the forums to keep your Rebel spirit alive, if you don't post the conversation doesn't continue. Unlike other places you post your comments, no registration is required, they're 100% free and anonymous if you wish, and they don't disappear when the next day comes (referencing the newspapers).

Could use a couple of things if anyone wants be a part of Rebel Reign or help out:

1) Tell us topics you are interested in seeing
2) Stories you would like to publish about Runnin' Rebels Basketball
3) Any pictures you've taken from previous games or events
4) Someone who is an artist or into graphic design, Rebel Reign could use a proper logo and I have a few other ideas.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting Rebel Reign, this Website has only existed since mid-February and its already been visited over 5000 times. We'll keep working at it if you keep coming. We're not in this for money, we write it and read it because we love UNLV Basketball.


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