Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fantastic Win!!

- Willis returns to old form, performs big-time
- Rebels continue 3-point accuracy from CSU game
- Quintrell Thomas is "tha man", difference maker grabs massive rebounds, hits most of foul shots
- Ref's suck! call what seems like 10 fouls in a row against rebels early in 2nd half
- Rebels show grit, pull out hard win in OT at The Pit

- Doesn't change our ranking in the conference (more separation from CSU) or nationally, but gives us much needed confidence winding up the season and into the MWC tourney

Video highlights courtesy of the Lobos:

Video courtesy of CBS Sports:


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Beacher Report

UNLV Stamps Ticket to NCAA Big Dance in OT Win Over New Mexico Lobos at the Pit

Daily Lobo

LV Sun



  1. Okay, hopefully this blog takes off (if not, we still have the comments in the Sun and LVRJ). QT played like a man tonight. Sorry to Kruger for doubting his coaching, because Q has come a long way this season. Now that he has the foul bug under control, he goes hard to the basket and provides an interior presence the Rebs haven't had in forever. And Tre was amazing. The Rebs are peaking at the right time, and I'm kicking myself for not buying some MWC tickets.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for posting the first comment on the site! Everyone, feel free to do the same, its YOUR place as much as mine :)