Friday, February 25, 2011

Continuing the K-State series and more

After the win at K-State Coach Kruger was asked about the possibility of continuing our series (and rivalry) with Kansas State, to which he said he would welcome it.

Frank Martin said the same during that unusual post-game press conference, where he essentially was ready to fight the media.

Here's an article from Kansas mentioning some traction on the issue

They mention a home or neutral site meeting vs UNLV.

Those punks! Only fair that we rotate and they should dare play us at home this time, this is tantamount to calling The Orleans a "neutral site" which it is clearly not. We play them in Kansas, they should come back to Nevada and play us here.

In other schedule news, in case you missed it we are part of the field of the Las Vegas Invitational basketball tournament at The Orleans next season, November 25-26. The schools include:
North Carolina Tarheels, UNLV, USC, University of South Carolina, Morgan State, Cal. Poly., Mississippi Valley, and Tennessee State.

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