Saturday, October 6, 2012

Injury report: Bryce Dejean-Jones breaks hand during practice

Bryce Dejean-Jones will miss this year's Scarlet and Gray game, but hopefully not too much more. 

Unfortunate news, likely starting shooting-guard Bryce Dejean-Jones (transfer from USC) has broken his non-shooting hand, is in a cast, and is projected to be out 4 to 6 weeks. For accounts from news media and the athletic department, click here: LVRJ, LVSUN, UNLV Athletics

What this means is that Savon Goodman, Justin Hawkins, or perhaps Katin Reinhardt will get more opportunity to be the shooting guard till Bryce is back to full speed. This also means that if you were hoping to see Bryce dominate during the Scarlet and Gray, you'll have to watch highlights from last year.

Four to six weeks is not terrible, if that prediction holds true. If four weeks is all it takes to get back, that's before even the first exhibition game. If six weeks is the figure, that puts him returning against Jacksonville State (November 17) or Oregon (November 23). 

The non-shooting hand is still quite important, as it does actually effect one's shot, and passing could be effected as well. Because its just the hand, he should still be able to keep up with conditioning through cardio, and study the playbook. 

Provided Bryce Dejean-Jones' injury does not go much beyond the Oregon game, I don't see any reason to change my predictions for that stretch of games. This year's Runnin' Rebels are far too talented at every position to be hampered by the loss of one player. Hopefully he comes back better-than-ever. 

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