Monday, January 2, 2012

Rankings, programs, and upcoming

You'll notice the new tab in the menu that directs you to CBS Sport's College Basketball Rankings page, which features:
- AP Top 25
- Coaches Poll 25
- Top 25 And One (a poll by two CBS sports insiders)
- CBS Sports RPI (a measure of team strength by several factors)

For example, as of this post in the Coaches Poll UNLV is now ranked #17 in the nation (AP not yet out), Top 25 and one we are ranked #12, and our RPI is #9 in the nation. 

The tab will actually redirect you to CBS Sports website, this is because the page itself would not allow embedding, and a lot of internet browsers do not allow pop-up windows. When you're finished reading the rankings, just hit the 'back' button to get back to

Programs to watch
For those of us wondering what the Hawaii announcing crew was referring to when they made mention of a program on UNLV they recently watched, I believe there were referring to two programs that are currently airing (twice today) on The Mountain. The first, is a program named Legends which is all about Jerry Tarkanian. The second, is named 'Teams to Remember' about the 1990 Rebels. Be sure to check them out or DVR them. If they turn up on Youtube, I'll be sure to link the video here.

While we await a radio broadcast of our Rebels hopefully destroying Cal State Bakersfield on Thursday, there will be a Q&A article up sometime this week. 

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