Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Offense galore: UNLV destroys Central Arkansas by 49

While nobody expected the Bears to win the game, or for it to even be close (betting line was UNLV -30ish), this was a top to bottom clinic. As has been the trend over the last several games, the Rebels and Bears traded points, and the Bears actually led  11-6 early in the first half. From that point forward, UNLV unloaded everything they could and put up a massive 124 points. The Rebels had a high scoring 63 points at the half, and almost tied it with 61 in the second half. As you can see by the game flow and box score the Rebels had domination in every way imaginable.

The usual suspects had monster games, Chace Stanback had 29 points in only 23 minutes of play. Mike Moser had 18 points and 9 rebounds in 25 minutes. An ample lead gave ample playing time opportunities to many players who needed it, Reggie Smith got 11 minutes and made the most of it scoring 13 points and dishing out 5 assists. Karam Mashour had 7 minutes and scored 8 points and had a steal. Wade Norman saw some minutes as well, and had a three pointer.

Team numbers were off the charts, 40 assists, and 15 steals means tons of sharing and active feet and hands. The Bears were pushed into 25 turnovers, which the Rebels scored 36 points off of. If you want Runnin’, the Rebels had 37 fast break points. With what probably is one of, if not the most points scored by a NCAA team this year, and the best offensive outing by the Rebels since 1990-91, it is clear Coach Rice’s system is working – and not just because we beat up on a bad team. This should be a nice confidence booster (as if they needed one) going on the road against Hawaii and Bakersfield.

Rebel Reign MVP: Coach Rice – his Runnin’ has come alive big-time!

Go Rebels!

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  1. You mention "off the charts". That's usually figurative... But look at the scoring graphic. It literally left the chart!