Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Solid win against Cal Poly - 75-52

Went to the game tonight and got back a little late, here's a brief recap but a full one will be done tomorrow with stats and pics. 

Balanced offensive production, team effort, and a commitment to defense is what makes this Rebels team special. Who's night was it tonight? It belonged to Anthony Marshall and Mike Moser- your Rebel Reign MVPs. 

The game started out slowly and lacked runs by our Rebels. The Mustangs and Rebels were trading leads for the first 10 minutes or so, then the Rebels began to light up the scoreboard at a much faster pace than Cal Poly. 

The Mustangs were a gritty dirty team. Several times they intentionally fouled Rebels players, especially Mike Moser. To their credit, they never gave up, passed the ball well, and shot at a decent percentage, especially from three. They appeared to be well coached, but I still can't see how they beat USC on the road by only scoring 42, USC must have had a nuclear disaster of a game. 

It seemed as though Mike Moser was used a bit less than in previous efforts, as was Carlos Lopez. Strong games were shown by Brice Massamba, Justin Hawkins, Oscar Bellfield and Chace Stanback. 

The most exiciting part of the game came with about 6 minutes left in the game, when UNLV had a flurry of break away dunks, one by Anthony Marshall and one by Mike Moser. From that point forward, it was clear that sparring a UNR type of easing up, UNLV was solidly in control and would win the contest. 

It was also good to see sparingly used sophomore Karam Mashour get a little time at the end and score some points. He looked more confident in his time on the court than I'd ever seen him, and he wasn't plagued by turnovers. 

All in all, a really solid effort against a decent team. This should bode well when we face USC on Friday. If I were Coach Rice I'd have my guys play some hard ball early in the afternoon so they can be ready for the 4:30pm start time. Also, a little practice time in the Orleans could be a real advantage given our track record there.


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