Sunday, September 11, 2011

The UNLV Kids Club - Good deal for everyone (with kids)

The UNLV Kids Club seems to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck family entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas, this is worth buying if you're a Rebel fan.

Back in April, I did a comparative analysis of the ticket prices of UNLV Basketball. In that story, I also hinted about the UNLV Kids Club. Story This past week I have taken the time to explore in a lot more depth, and want to share that information with everyone, the pros, the cons, costs, and benefits. Having done the research, I am pleasantly surprised by what I've found and although I've never attended a game in this program, I would recommend it to anyone.

Enacted several years back, the UNLV kids club is UNLV's equivalent to a family plans -- only a bit different.

The way this works is now you purchase a membership for every child you want to bring to the game, 8th grade and lower. The membership is good for the duration of the fall spring collegiate season, which includes the two major sports - basketball and football (previously it looked like you had to buy two years because a basketball season sprawled from fall to spring). The membership costs $30 per season per child, ex: three kids = $90. This program grants free admission to all UNLV athletics during the duration of their membership, and allows the purchase of up to four (4) half priced adult tickets seated with your child.

Before getting into the specifics of how this works, there are other tangible benefits besides "free" admission for your kid and half-priced admission for the 4 adults (free is in quotes because you paid $30 to get the free). Besides the tickets, your child receives a T-Shirt (they have youth extra small to adult large). Members get 10% off all Rebel camps and clinics, exclusive pre-sales and discounted tickets to family type events at the Thomas and Mack & Cox Pavilion (ex: Sesame Street Live, Disney On Ice, etc), exclusive kids clubs events where they can meet Hey Reb, cheerleaders, and student athletes, and freebies from sponsors. These all seem to be great benefits, especially if you're trying to find something family friendly to do in Las Vegas. 

Now, the real reason why a person would join the Rebel Kids Club: TO GO TO THE GAMES!!
Two major questions need to be answered: 1) Where are the seats; 2) How do I go about purchasing tickets.

1) After calling the Rebel Kids Club I've found out the following information about where the seating would be and how much it costs. For Rebels Basketball games, seating for the Rebel Kids Club is in the upper level or "balcony"; I was not able to determine whether it was sidelines, corners, or behind the basket, but one can assume it will be wherever they haven't sold season tickets. All of the Rebel Kids Club members are seated together, so there will be a ton of kids all around each other. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: Hopefully less drunks, less swearing, and hopefully less standing all game, maybe your kids will make some new friends. Disadvantages: Probably some crying and whining. There is currently around 125 members of the kids club, and I would figure that number should grow with the exciting brand of basketball Coach Rice is bringing. Fortunately, there currently is no limit to how many members can join - so come one, come all. If you happen to also like Football, the seats are in the lower endzones. 

2) Tickets are half-price for the adults that attend with the child, so whatever face value is divided by two. The football tickets for the endzone are normally $23-28 a ticket, so we're talking $11.50 to $14. Face price on basketball upper level tickets run at the low end $10-12 and at the high end roughly $20. So halving that, you're looking at $5-10 bucks for an adult ticket that hopefully and probably isn't in the nosebleed section. Not bad. So, if it was just one adult and one child at a basketball game, minus whatever taxes and fees accompany the ticket, you could both enjoy several hours of Rebels entertainment for $10 or less, leaving plenty of money to feed your child at the game. 

Comparatively speaking, these reduced ticket prices rival the single-game-breakdown prices of season tickets. So, while the seats may be a shade worse than paying $90-175 for balcony season tickets, your essentially getting the same discount per game for the half price adult, and the child's seat is "free". 

As far as actually getting the tickets, you will have to get the membership for your child ahead of time, to be safe give it at least a week before you intend to purchase tickets. This is because you need your child's Rebel Kids Club membership number when you call to purchase tickets. You can start buying single game basketball tickets as soon as single games go on sale (late October). Once on sale, you can purchase games out as far as the schedule goes, with the exception of 2 ultra-premium games (TBA), games played at the Orleans, and MWC Tournament games. You can only purchase tickets either on the phone with UNLV Tickets, or by going in person to the box office. You can receive your adult tickets ahead of time, but the child's ticket must be picked up as will-call, day of the game. 

It's good to bring your kids to sporting events, great way for families to be together and root for the same cause - for the Rebels to win. Whether you went to UNLV, plan on going to UNLV, just love the Rebels, or just love college basketball its good for them, and good for you. If you're reading this, your likely at least a teenager, and probably an adult. You likely have fond memories of going with a family member to a basketball, football, or baseball game, I know I do. Why not create those memories with your own kids, support the Rebels in person, in the most electric sporting environment in town?

As far as UNLV goes, if you grew up watching the Rebels you're likely to be a lifelong fan. Your kids will keep those fond memories of UNLV and maybe have the idea that,  "I'm going to UNLV someday" which is great, because not enough of the local youth make college a priority. UNLV will benefit, especially if your kid turns out to be the next star player in high school and needs no convincing that UNLV is the place to play basketball - they're already a fan.  Even better, should you kids stay in Las Vegas, maybe eventually they'll bring their own kids to the games some day (your grandkids). Sounds like a sweet deal to me. 

If you're interested in joining, click here or call 895-0673. I've not been put up to advertise for them, I just think its a really good deal and plan on joining myself. 

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