Saturday, August 20, 2011

The addition of rosters, Preliminary observations about rosters, Update of Nevada HS records, Excellent video

Update Sunday noon - Added Christian Wood to 2013-14, Changed Bryce Jones' status (wrongly added a year to his eligibility)

This week’s update is more about changes to the website. This year's 'schedule' page has been fully updated and cleaned up, and all four interviews have archived links in the 'interviews' page. As far as the new pages, you’ll notice right above this there are now pages for the current year roster, as well as predicted rosters for 2012-13, and 2013-14. This is a way to keep track of who will be graduating, and the commitments the Rebels have been making for seasons beyond the current. I’ve found it gets tiring keeping all of the new recruits in your head, hence the ease of roster pages! 

The rosters are set up with hyperlinks to either the UNLV basketball website bio for each player, or in the case of a recruit, a link to information about that player.

Now that I’ve put in the work building the rosters, its time to make some preliminary observations.

#1 – If we don't sign a big-man in the 2012-13 class, we get smaller. UNLV loses interior size after this year with 6’10” Brice Massamba leaving due to graduation. Up to this point, UNLV hasn’t had any big men give verbal commitments for the entering class of 2012-13. Its been reported that the two big-man targets that UNLV has set its sights on are Matt Willms (6’10”)  and Robert Upshaw (6’11”). LV Sun  

It will be especially important to land a commitment from at least one true center to give Carlos Lopez some relief in the new running system. He can’t play the full 40 minutes (nobody can), and we don’t want to be without a true-center on the court for very long – teams with size could take advantage in the paint. 

A new big-man recruit who has a year with Thomas and two years with Lopez will learn a lot and improve his skill set, so the sooner the better. Besides the size issue, we’ll lose Oscar Bellfield and Chace Stanback, who are major pieces of the puzzle as well.

#2 – We lose three key pieces after 2012-13. The pieces are Anthony Marshall, Justin Hawkins, and Quintrell Thomas. Three key guys that will likely account for a decent chunk of the offense this and next season. Remember how happy everyone was that despite the coaching change UNLV only lost two primary players (Willis and Jasper)? This is likely to hurt a little more.

#3 – Major turnover after the 2013-14 season. UNLV will graduate 4 seniors after the season: Carlos Lopez, Karam Mashour, Mike Mosher, and Reggie Smith. All of the upcoming three seasons look highly promising, but anyone would have to concede it will be a little harder losing four players all-at-once.

This new ‘rosters’ feature  will continue to be updated, added to, and enhanced as news and information comes in. Any new commitments will be added as well so you can see what our rosters will look like in the future. Enjoy, and as always, if you have any suggestions please let me know or discuss in the forums.

Update on Nevada High School record books

The Nevada State High School Boys Basketball record books have been updated, and UNLV recruit Dantley Walker appears 27 times in the lists, topping many important categories. I'll not spoil the fun of which ones, please click the link, do a 'control-f' (find), and type Dantley Walker. 

Watch this video – its fantastic!!

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