Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nicknames, Schedule Addition, Link to Hutson Interview, Rebel Legends Party

Updated Sunday 10:28 A.M.

Nicknames for up-tempo style
I'm kind of a nickname guy, so I am proposing some for the new up-tempo Rebel’s offense, maybe even some for the defense.

Option #1 – Run TMC
For those who have been into basketball for the last twenty years, this saying will bring back memories of the Golden State Warriors for which the nickname was coined (Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullin) which was actually a play on Run DMC. In our context, run clearly symbolizes the running, up-tempo style of offense, and TMC stands for the Thomas and Mack Center – our home court. By bringing back a ‘blast from the past’ nickname it is ideally suited to the retro-style shift that the Runnin’ Rebels are making with this juiced coaching staff. Print the shirts, have the cheerleaders scream “RUN” and the crowd scream back “TMC” in quickening pace – that’ll get things moving – it’s a winner.

Option #2 -  Rice-Rockets
Do I really need to explain it?

Option #3 – Lightning in a bottle
Don’t know why I thought of it, its been used in other contexts. The words make me feel good and I think it could fit. Maybe it should be a nickname for the bench players,  “open when you need of a quick burst of energy”. Sweet.

For the Defense

Option #1 – Amoeba 2.0
Coach Rice is a student of Tarkanian, played in his system, coached in his system. High likelihood that some form of the Amoeba defense returns. That said, this time he has the likes of Justin Hutson, and Stacey Augmon to make it even better. Amoeba 2.0 is fitting and pays tribute.

Option #2 – Pound The Ground
This takes us back to the days only a few years removed, where to psyche the team up our guys would slap the court to motivate themselves and their teammates to play lock-down defense. I’m sure it was equally demoralizing to the opponent. While the Defense has been respectable since that time, it really made it fun to watch and showed the passion and heart the players put into their defensive craft.

Option #3 – Man On The Run
Fast break points lead to transition opportunities for the opposing team, because they then try to play ‘your game’ and get the basketball back up the court as soon as possible after a bucket. Man on the run symbolizes having to get back on defense after our new and improved offense schools people. Although Coach Rice had a less athletically talented team at BYU, and that was a major motivator for not paying man-to-man defense, there is sure to still be some man-to-man because our guys do it well, hence the name still fits. 

Schedule Addition

This is totally preliminary and speculative, but either the December 7 or January 7 game (both should be home games) will be against the Canisius Golden Griffins of the MAAC. Because of the unconfirmed nature, the schedule page will not update quite yet. If true, you heard it here first. 

Source - their fan boards seem pretty certain about playing UNLV, likely December 7th. 

Justin Hutson Interview

Justin Hutson recently gave an interview to ESPN 1100, mostly about Kawai Leonard and the draft, but some about Rebels
Link (doesn't work with google chrome)

Rebel Legend’s Party

Those of you who went down to Hooters for the Rebel Legends party were surely not disappointed. Notable Rebel celebs in attendance included Moses Scurry, Eldridge Hudson, John Flowers, Kevin Kruger, Wink Adams, Romel Beck, Steve ‘Chop’ Jones, Kaspars Kambala, Trevor Diggs, Warren Rosegreen, Chancellor Davis, Dave Rice, Donovan Stewart, Bobby Florence, Freddie Banks, Christian Popoola & David Hollis. It was a fun time, well managed, well attended, and free – can’t beat that. Thanks to RebelSwag for putting on an event which hopefully will become an institution among Rebels fans and Las Vegas in general. 

Met with several of the people noted above, hoping they’ll be amenable to interviews in the near future. Here’s a few pictures I snapped:

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